Corona BM – Overview

Corona Business Manager® is a single, integrated solution for managing your business.

Corona BM® provides clear visibility into entire business information and control over every aspect of your operations anytime, anywhere from your headquarters, offices, warehouses and outlets in your country or abroad.

Corona Business Manager® is a software system which is:

Multi-Company– you can create and manage simultaneously unlimited number of companies.

Multi-Currency – sales, purchases, receivables, payables, cash flows and accounting in  local and foreign currency.

Multi Lingual – simultaneous users using different languages, issuing documents and report generation in unlimited number of languages.

Multi-Tasking – you can use unlimited number of parallel functionalities, for example you can work simultaneously with sales document, accounting entry, any report, etc.

Multi-Platform – the solution works equally well on your Windows, MAC OS or Linux-based computer.

Adaptive – no matter how specific your business is, Corona BM® is flexible and will allow you to tailor it to your needs.

Intuitive – easy to learn. Your employees will begin working with Corona BM® literally from day one.

Affordable Corona BM® possesses the qualities of the world’s leading ERP systems, consistent with national standards and practices offered at astonishingly affordable price.