Corona BM – Sales

Corona BM® provides a complete set of tools to help you efficiently manage entire sales process from initial contact with the customer to final sale. For each step of the process Corona BM® supports respective type of document such as Sales quotation or A/R invoice and moves all relevant information from one document to the next in the document flow, for example, from sales order to invoice, etc.

Support of various payment scenarios – deferred payment, prepaid deal, on-counter payment.

Rich customer related information – addresses, contact persons, phones, emails, credit limits, payment terms, bank accounts, etc.

Powerful price/discount mechanisms – for a customer, group of customers or all customers, for an item, group of items or all items. You can specify to and from dates for the
price/discount, and you can specify a minimum quantity to receive the price.

Sales documents in local and foreign currency

  • Sales quotation
  • Sales order
  • Customer Shipment
  • Customer goods return
  • Customer invoice
  • Retail invoice
  • EU Customer invoice
  • Export invoice
  • Debit and credit memos

Sales reports– by item, by customer, by warehouse, etc.